Simple Kindness for Youth
Lynette Borree, guest presenter at today’s Houghton Rotary weekly meeting, is a full-time school psychologist for the Copper Country Intermediate School District and has been the President of Simple Kindness for Youth since it began in 2010.
Lynette, shares that the smallest of acts can have the biggest of impacts.
Mission Statement:
To help young people build and maintain their self-esteem by providing means to access basic needs, enable them to feel accepted with their peers, and enable access to educational activities and community participation.
More than a material matter:
“As education professionals we are exposed to the needs of children every day and are able to see the long term effects that come from acts of generosity. This is not to say that material donations are the only way to make a difference.
Patience, understanding and simply taking the time to reach out to a child has helped more situations than dollars, and we all have them to spend.”
For more information or to find out more about SKY, please visit their website: